July 2007

A broody monster this one, but not the sharpest tool in the box, so easily fobbed off with oranges instead of eggs. Another favourite – it must be fun to be this colourful all the time.



 [Please note: I never name my monsters. That is up to you.]

One of the larger monsters. A happy, easy-going creature, but with a keen ear for gossip. Well, when you have four ears you have to make use of them…


£21 – SOLD sorry

A fine example of what a sock can do while you’re not paying attention.  This monster looked pretty good, but when I’d finished, I realised… I hadn’t finished.


It needed wings. Wings?! I never meant to give it wings, but it just, sort of, needed them. This monster was not to be earthbound.

Catfly’s wings

One of my favourites, it has gone to a good and loving home.  Its new owner, a little girl,
named it Catfly on sight.

So you see, they do have names. It just takes the right person to know them.

 [Please note: I never name my monsters. That is up to you.]

All spruced up and ready to a-wooing go. This handsome gentlefrog is 20cm high, and made from a nice chunky hiking sock. It’s best to be hardwearing at times like these.



[Please note: I never name my monsters. That is up to you.]

[Not his real name]  This mischief-maker will be turning your house upside-down before you know it.

He sticks his forked tongue out at authority and blinks disdainfully in the face of blame. Yet a loyal partner in crime to the right mastermind. And much easier to groom than a white Persian cat.

Evil Red

£14 – SOLD