August 2007

Rainbow Fish says “Billy Bass can eat my bubbles”

A super-confident, lazy, happy, fish. Who wouldn’t be happy with a tail like that?

Rainbow Fish


What a cutey!  And well aware of it, too.  Very sweet, but unable to comprehend that other people have wishes too.  To paraphrase Professor Higgins, ‘He asks you very nicely, and you tell him quite concisely, and he goes and does precisely what he wants.’

Little Orange

Sold almost instantly – I’ll miss you little orange guy!

A bit of a macho monster this one, but with a heart of gold. Quite tall, standing at approx 30cm high, this khaki and grey monster sports a red bandana and body belt, a bandage on his leftmost arm, and a wry smile. He knows, because he was there…

Four arms and four legs, although the legs are placed slightly awry to where normal legs should go. Don’t be alarmed, it’s natural where he comes from.

Big Green


 [Please note: I never name my monsters. That is up to you.]

Standing at just 18cm high, this little green guy is nonetheless just brimming with confidence. Three gorgeous dark green striped eyes means he never misses a trick.  Playful and adventurous – the kind who leaves the tap running just to see what
will happen.

He has slightly horn-shaped ears (or maybe they are horns?) purple paws, very small feet and an elegant green tail. A green/purple/blue felted wool bow around his neck completes this dapper look.  I wonder who he’s trying to impress?



[Please note: I never name my monsters. That is up to you.]

The one and only (er, apart from this one…). And it really is oct, tempted though I was to make it a hexapus. Big, double-button eyes, and a knowing smile – how can you resist this dark, leggy beauty?

Socktopus£19 – SOLD sorry

 [Please note: I never name my monsters. That is up to you.]

Standing approx 20cm high, this little lass is remarkably cheerful after being stood up on her wedding day. In fact, she looks positively joyous – I wonder if she really wanted to get married?

With a zest for life, and a seldom requited passion for street-luge, this happy sock will brighten any home.