September 2007

20cm to the tip of his beautiful horns, this lovable little troublemaker will gladden any heart. A cheeky romantic, with cute wings, a shiny button heart, and a winning smile.

img_0214.jpg…and back

£16 : SOLD sorry


Wow, what a shocker! This gorgeous pink sister stands (or rather, sits) about 24cm tall. One of my favourites, I confess, with a curly-wurly tail and a lop-sided smile.  Happy and outgoing, she is equally at home in the wild garden or the serene drawing room.  Very cuddly.

Pink tricorn monster


[Don’t ask, my daughter named it]

A formidable cyclops, standing approx. 25cm high, with four pinky-purpley legs and a curly wurly tail.  Don’t be scared! This monster isn’t dangerous, just lost in happy memories. Perhaps recalling a long-lost partner. Socks mate for life, you know, but this monster seems
to have accepted its fate with zen like serenity.  Although, I’m guessing this monster
could party like a rock star if it felt like it…
buffalo cyclops