Woohoo!  I did my first workshop!  Thank you very much to all you folkies who took time out from your busy dancing schedules and came along to make some sock monsters.  Hopefully my ramblings were at least vaguely understandable.  I guess they must have been, because we got some very funky monsters indeed emerging from people’s imaginations.  I must say I was very impressed.

Inspired, too.  One enterprising participant made an inside out sock monster, as she thought the inside of the bright orange Tweenies
sock much more interesting than the outside pattern.  Well, hemmed in as I am (was) by convention, I must say I would never have thought of that.  But you see, you are never too old to stop learning 🙂

To all those of you who made a monster, I would love to see some pics.  Send them in and I can stick ’em up here if you like.  To all those of you who missed out, I offer my apologies, and would like to reassure you I will be posting my workshop sheets on this site very soon.