November 2008

Just one look at that fiery flamey hair will tell you… He’s a firestarter. Twisted firestarter. We-ell, OK maybe he isn’t. But he’d sure like to be. Or she. Who knows? And how do you tell, anyway?Fiery

£21 : Contact me for details


Oh hey, it’s me! If you looked as good as this monster, and your depth perception was minimal, wouldn’t you spend all your time in front of a mirror?

SOLD : sorry

Oh noes! Honestly, you turn your back for a minute round here and…

dinosaur attack
Don’t worry, it looks worse than it was. Rest assured that the sock-dog was unharmed, Spinosaurus severely punished, and T-Rex made to sit on the stairs for five minutes for encouraging the naughtiness. “We only meant it as a joke” indeed…

There are holes appearing in my CD collection.  I wondered if I had Music Moths, but last night I caught the culprit.  Here he is in the full glare of the flashbulb. Grr.


This greedy little sock monster has now been secured, and is in need of a new home. In this house, there are some things you just don’t mess with. With the right care, I’m sure his appetite could be managed.

£16: contact me for details. Quickly.