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Just one look at that fiery flamey hair will tell you… He’s a firestarter. Twisted firestarter. We-ell, OK maybe he isn’t. But he’d sure like to be. Or she. Who knows? And how do you tell, anyway?Fiery

£21 : Contact me for details


Oh hey, it’s me! If you looked as good as this monster, and your depth perception was minimal, wouldn’t you spend all your time in front of a mirror?

SOLD : sorry

There are holes appearing in my CD collection.  I wondered if I had Music Moths, but last night I caught the culprit.  Here he is in the full glare of the flashbulb. Grr.


This greedy little sock monster has now been secured, and is in need of a new home. In this house, there are some things you just don’t mess with. With the right care, I’m sure his appetite could be managed.

£16: contact me for details. Quickly.

It’s Halloween, and it isn’t just the ghouls and beasties knocking at your door for sweeties you should be worried about.  What’s under your bed?  What’s that scraping sound?  Are you sure you locked the cat-flap?  Beware, beware, for tonight the ZOMBIE SOCKS come out to play!  Keep your toes under the covers everyone…

Braaaaains, BRAAAAAINS!

Braaaaains, BRAAAAAINS!

Made as a gift, this bright monster is the first of all my monsters to have long gangly legs.  And I think he’s better for it, don’t you?  A bit of a film buff this one, with a penchant for unconventional romance. Aaah.

film buff - close up
Lookin’ gooood, baby! Taken (by MsMoll, of course) at Sheffield Wood Fair, before deportation to the West Country to join the greenest band in the land

Aw, it’s so nice when you see socks going to loving homes. Meet Gerard and Sabrina, rehomed to two sisters at Sheffield Green Fair.





The sisters were with their dad at another stall, so after the pester-power had worked and he’d bought them their monsters, I was able to watch them being played with for the rest of the afternoon. I have no fear for these two monsters, they will be loved. Which makes me happy, too.

Need I say more? Here he is, bouncing happily behind a very reflective window. He’d look much cooler in your car…
dangly sock

SOLD: sorry.  Crikey, they’re going like hot cakes

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