Every now and then, I am asked to make a monster for a special occasion, or a special person. These commissions are so much fun, because while I love the randomness of monster making, I also love doing it a bit more deliberately; putting in those extra touches.

Herewith a gallery of special monsters. And please, if you’d like to order a monster, do get in touch.

My favourite. This was made as a housewarming present for friends; they both love Miyazaki animations, and Princess Mononoke in particular. A kodama, or tree spirit. Every house should have one.
kodama sock
and the inspiration…
the original

A button-eye-less monster for a baby boy. No spec, just a preference for red. He is a slipper-sock turned inside out, so is lovely and fuzzy, and I used part of a tie for his tail. A colourful, tactile monster, with a silky, suckable tail – what’s not to love?


This one was made for a baby girl. Hence no button eyes, and lots of ribbon. Babies love to touch (and suck!) ribbon.
side view front view


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