Lots of people have asked if my monsters are suitable for small children. Well, I guess they’re OK for older children, but I’m still a bit wary of the whole small children vs. button eyes malarky, so I’ve done some new eyes which are much safer. Of course any determined small child worth its salt can find a way to harm itself with just about anything, but hey, I’ve done the best I can.

These big snugglies are made out of hiking socks donated by my local butcher (you see? Everyone has odd socks. Everyone.), and they are just so cuddly! And they love it, as you can see. Smelling of clean laundry and begging to be squished up small in bed with you – how can you resist?

cuddly monsteranother cuddly

Both SOLD.  The one with yellow eyes is called Jack, I didn’t know that.


 [Please note: I never name my monsters. That is up to you.]

All spruced up and ready to a-wooing go. This handsome gentlefrog is 20cm high, and made from a nice chunky hiking sock. It’s best to be hardwearing at times like these.