It’s Halloween, and it isn’t just the ghouls and beasties knocking at your door for sweeties you should be worried about.  What’s under your bed?  What’s that scraping sound?  Are you sure you locked the cat-flap?  Beware, beware, for tonight the ZOMBIE SOCKS come out to play!  Keep your toes under the covers everyone…

Braaaaains, BRAAAAAINS!

Braaaaains, BRAAAAAINS!


[Don’t ask, my daughter named it]

A formidable cyclops, standing approx. 25cm high, with four pinky-purpley legs and a curly wurly tail.  Don’t be scared! This monster isn’t dangerous, just lost in happy memories. Perhaps recalling a long-lost partner. Socks mate for life, you know, but this monster seems
to have accepted its fate with zen like serenity.  Although, I’m guessing this monster
could party like a rock star if it felt like it…
buffalo cyclops