There are holes appearing in my CD collection.  I wondered if I had Music Moths, but last night I caught the culprit.  Here he is in the full glare of the flashbulb. Grr.


This greedy little sock monster has now been secured, and is in need of a new home. In this house, there are some things you just don’t mess with. With the right care, I’m sure his appetite could be managed.

£16: contact me for details. Quickly.


Lola and her friends had been partying all night.  The last she could remember was a suggestion involving meeting a pair of tights in some tequila bar… she had no idea where the other monsters had got to.Uh-oh

Lola has now been rehomed for her own good.

Quite what great achievement this medal was presented for eludes me, but it must have been something special. Well done that monster.

£14 : Please contact me for details

Lots of people have asked if my monsters are suitable for small children. Well, I guess they’re OK for older children, but I’m still a bit wary of the whole small children vs. button eyes malarky, so I’ve done some new eyes which are much safer. Of course any determined small child worth its salt can find a way to harm itself with just about anything, but hey, I’ve done the best I can.

These big snugglies are made out of hiking socks donated by my local butcher (you see? Everyone has odd socks. Everyone.), and they are just so cuddly! And they love it, as you can see. Smelling of clean laundry and begging to be squished up small in bed with you – how can you resist?

cuddly monsteranother cuddly

Both SOLD.  The one with yellow eyes is called Jack, I didn’t know that.