I haven’t managed to upload my own tutorial yet, but as lots of people have been asking, here’s one from monster-munch.comhowtomonster

More will follow, just as soon as I can get them from my head into the computer. One day in the future, this won’t be a problem… I’m happy to do workshops too, so if you’re running an event or something, please get in touch. Hey, how about hen parties, that’d be a laugh!

Oh, and if you do make a monster, I’d love to see it! This counts for all you past workshop attendees, too, y’know, so send me pics 🙂


One Response to “Tutorials”

  1. LillililakkLuvvMonsters! Says:

    I LOOOOVE your monsters! You are really good at making them. Some kids I know are all into sock monsters, and they are looking up (online) “what do sock monsters eat” and things like that. I thought that would be a cute add-on to your site. :))) LilliLilakk <333 bye!

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