Well here we all are. My wandering tribe of sock monsters may have finally found a home. Is it yours? Here within you will find a host of friendly monsters, united in loneliness, and hope for a better life.


Every only-sock is a tragedy. Socks mate for life. Who knows the terrible story behind each separation? Was it the washing machine? Discarded by a feckless toddler? Holed by a giant toe, and cast aside? Whatever their journey, each sock you see here has put their past behind them and gained new life in monsterhood. These sole brothers and sisters are now looking for the next step, a home of their own. Please. Please, can you help?

Socks can be purchased from DaWanda.com, or please email me if you’d like a special one just for you (or your friend, or your niece, or your partner, or whatever) – I love being told what to do.


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